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About Janet Wolforth, Owner of SNS and Inventor

Janet has been working in medical research, training personnel and providing technical support since 1996.

She invented the Induction Chamber Evacuator (ICevac) in 2009, when performing surgery on rodents became a prime responsibility of her job. Her career with animals began in in 1980, where she worked as a horse farm manager. She then went on to own and operate a horse boarding and training facility, named “Equine Charm School.”

This photo was taken from Ann Arbor News article published December, 2005,Making Them at Ease Aids Research

The ICevac system can be a valuable tool in work environments where the use of an induction chamber is unavoidable. Induction chambers are associated with waste anesthetic gas (WAGs) exposure once unconscious patients exit the chamber. Waste gas exposure has been associated with drug and alcohol, addiction, among other ailments. The ICevac system rapidly evacuates residual WAGs from the chamber, thereby reducing personnel exposure.

Heidi Reuss-Lamky, LVT, VTS (Anesthesia/Analgesia), (Surgery), Elite FFCP (Veterinary), CFVP

I purchased an ICevac System in 2020 and use it often for my exotic small mammal patients. Special species require special care and the anesthetic induction is smooth with this well-designed system. The variety of sizes of the chambers is helpful, small ones for rodents and the large one for fractious cats. It feels good knowing we are reducing exposure to WAG for our staff.

Dr. Heather Jones, VMD, Animal Friends in Canton Michigan

Other Recognition Includes:

Outstanding laboratory Animal Technologist2000 American Association for Laboratory Animal Science; Michigan Branch
Awarded annually to a branch member who is AALAS certified at the Laboratory Animal Technologist Level (LATG), in recognition of accomplishment and contribution to the promotion of laboratory animal care, AALAS, and to other care professionals.
Support Staff of the Year2008 Dean’s Awards Program for Staff; University of Michigan
The top award of $1,500 is conferred upon the support staff member who demonstrates excellence in their work, contributes to a positive work environment and is mindful of his/her service to the mission of the Medical School. Recipients are strong team contributors, who uphold University of Michigan's values of respect, compassion, trust, integrity, and efficiency.
Robert A Watkins Award2010 American Association for Laboratory Animal Science; Michigan Branch
Awarded annually to branch member. Its purpose is to promote the sharing of skills and knowledge with fellow colleagues.

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